Saturday, December 23, 2017

50 Year Celebration for my Friends

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My friends Mike and Nena recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I was able to record the evening with tons of music and a surprise visit by "Mariachis" toward the end. I love this couple as they have been a huge part of my life.

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Our school, Payson Christian School, had the Christmas program and I had someone video record the music. I taught Kindergarten through 8th grades and we did over 8 songs. Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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My friends Mike and Nena celebrated 50 years of marriage and I was able to record several musical instances. I've known them for over 50 years and they both have been a huge part of my life. I hope anyone watching this will enjoy it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Herbert H Hutchinson, Bishop, pastor, friend.

Recently, my dear friend Bishop Hutchinson passed away, 9/15/2017 and I will sorely miss him. His wife was with him at the Hospice unit but he was there less than a day. 

He will be missed by so many and his vision for the Navajo Nation will continue, I believe, through his wife and members of his church. 

I've known him for almost 20 years and been his liaison when he began his work at St Michaels with Summit Training Post. He endeavored to help, teach and prepare the natives and lay ministers and pastors to be better servants of the Lord. 

Please watch the following slide show that I put together of the many years I was involved with his ministry.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

School Begins and the Choir is Huge

School started two weeks ago. I have the responsibility to teach music to K-8th Grade. Wow. It is a handful. There are almost 100 kids enrolled but I don't think I have that many. 

When my principal asked me to come back, I decided to teach American Music History, songs of various periods of our history and theory. 

While teaching isn't that difficult but trying to keep the songs at the various age levels can be. I use a lot of help from websites and videos in my curriculum and go according to the main outline I put together before school started. 

I'd like to be able to bring not only songs at different time periods, but Christian songs that could be used in our Chapel time and the programs throughout the year. I even made up a song about Adam and Eve using the old song "Are You Sleeping". I think the kids like it. 

I spend a lot of time preparing for the lessons, usually 5 or 6 hours. I believe it's important to be prepared and ready for each class and not go by the seat of my pants, although I wear skirts. I believe the kids are enjoying the classes. I get a lot of feedback from parents. 

I've also been busy joining another church, Mountain Bible Church and getting involved with the ladies there. I'll be helping out with the upcoming "Christmas Tea". 

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This is a slideshow highlighting some of the events that took place at the Woman of God day. It was held at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Terry and I a couple of weeks earlier just returned from a visit to his son and family in Texas. 

I was totally surprised to be honored there with 11 other women. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

American Music History

Recently, I put together a slide presentation for my Elementary and Middle School Choir. It shows the various areas we will hear samples from and learn songs that will fit the eras and genres. I will be preparing the kids for several programs this year and next. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kim Walker-Smith - I Know (Lyric Video)

I really believe this song speaks volumes. Nothing, no nothing is impossible with God. Im...means not and Posse....means wisdom.

Do you want wisdom in your life? Know the Word, Know the Lord and His mind and heart. You too can have the wisdom of God. Open your heart and hear His voice calling. He loves you and wants nothing more than that you would succeed and have an enormous, huge active and vigorous life. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Makeup Haul with Kelsey Deenihan | mark. By Avon

Check out the makeup cases that are magnetic. The products are the same but given a new look.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here is the Easter Program I produced for Payson Christian School 4/13/2017. Kids from Kindergarten through 6th grade sang several songs. Mrs Tan introduced winners of the art show.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Thanksgiving Program at Payson Christian 2016

This was a video I put together of the songs our Payson Junior Choir did for the Thanksgiving Program. 

We worked a great deal to perform for the Veteran's Day program, then the Thanksgiving and recently helped with the Christmas program that Mrs. Sterner helped to produce. The Christmas program went well but I didn't have any of the songs recorded.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Payson Christian "Veteran's Day" program

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This was what the middle school choir did for our Veteran's Day program. There were several representatives from various armed forces. The kids did a great job. This was my first time leading choir for middle school kids.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Being a Middle School Choir Director

The following link is a video I presented to the class

Since my last post, I've been working in a new position. Instead of worship leading, I'm working with Middle School age 6th and 7th grades as a choir director. My class is small, 14 students, but that leaves more for a personal approach. 

The class is pretty structured and I've put together a curriculum that has kept them busy. We started out the semester with music history and I used an online free course. Lately, though, that same link is no longer available. I used a place called music history lessons which was made on weebly. One day, as usual, I would go to the link but received an error report. I'm thinking they must be revising the link.

Anyway, we began our history from the year 0 to 450 A.D and proceeded to the current era. I found the "Odes Project" cd that recorded music to several hymns written during the 3rd and 4th century and taught them one of the songs.

We continued through the semester with Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Modern and Post Modern songs and examples from each period. I also used online videos to help with the various eras and a place where they could learn to read music called Sight Singing. I also taught them theory using lessons I had as a piano teacher. 

The poster was a project I asked the kids to add post-its with what music is to them.

Now, we are getting close to the holidays and we have a Veteran's Day program on Tuesday where I combined all of the military hymns together and we'll sing the Star Spangled Banner and This Land is Your Land. Then we'll practice songs for Thanksgiving and we'll be working on the Christmas program. 

Unfortunately, my hours were reduced as I had worked in the after school class too. I'll have to find more work or find new customers for my Avon business. The lady that is taking over also is losing hours. So, hopefully, I'll have some subbing to do.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Arizona (1935)

This is a wonderful view of Arizona back in the 1930's.  So many changes have occurred these many years. Still Arizona is my home and will be for the rest of my life. I really love the natural beauty here.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Flowers from my Garden

These flowers are from my garden. The very first roses in this slide show are those my sister sent to me when I turned 70.

I really enjoy gardening. It's a big responsibility to get up early, water and make sure everything has enough moisture.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Kathryn Dancing - Easter 2013


This was a dance I presented at our Easter "Passion" program in 2013.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Approaching Seventy

Unbelievably, I will be turning 70 this month. I've enjoyed my life with the Lord for over 50 years. I've been married, had children and have now six grandchildren. I've traveled many times with my kids, lived on two reservations, moved over 30 times in my married life and now happy and content in a place that my dad would call "God's country".

I had a knack for selling and loved meeting new people. I started as a teen selling "Vanda" cosmetics, then a pre-paid insurance program, then Amway where my former husband and I sold mostly laundry soap and a coffee service. We excelled in it but later ended up moving again.

To help with our finances, I went to school and received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design but had no place to use what I learned. We ended up in Holbrook, Arizona and not finding work there, I used my education to make business cards, forms and ads.

Now that I'm in a place where older, retired and semi-retired people live, I've resolved to sell Avon and will try new approaches. Although I'm not a hard sell kind of person, I just help those that really want the products and try my best to serve them with product knowledge.

As for my involvement with church, I've attended most of my life and was a praise and worship member and leader for over 40 years. I find myself without a team to work with and really no other avenue in which to share my experience. But, recently, I found another worship leader where I live who also left his worship leader position to move here. He started a song writer group where other writers meet once a month. That has been enjoyable. I love hearing new songs and have an abundance of music to share.

I've waited for two years to find a piano and I was reviewing the classifieds and found one musical instrument for sale, a piano. It is a "Cohet" piano made in Russia. So far, I don't know much about it. I did find a piano tuner that lives in Strawberry who will attempt to tune it next week. I'm really excited to have it.

The rest of my time here is spent going fishing. Saturday, we went to East Verde at two different places but caught nothing. We think the fish were hiding in other holes and not where we usually fish. Then returning home, I went by myself to the city park and caught nothing. Oh well, there's always another day.

I am blessed with four fine sons who possess musical, artistic talents and work very hard at what they do. They have day jobs but have not forgotten their roots. Although my three grandchildren by my husband are living in Texas, the three on my side live close by.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Payson, Arizona "Christmas Parade" 2015

The following link takes you to the parade held in Payson, Arizona before Christmas. I went by myself since my hubby was not feeling well.

I took my campstool and wore my long coat. It was very cold, probably in the 30's but I was warm. There were several large fires in drums along the route for those who needed hands warmed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stop the Skincare Madness | Start ANEW

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Working, the Good and Bad

I've been working over a month now. I was checking my site and there was work involving taking care of a 75 year old woman. It involves preparing food, making up her bed, changing her depends which could sometimes be messy (the bad part). I also play games like Scrabble and 500 Rummy. I also do dishes and laundry and right now my hand is sore probably due to folding clothes. 

One day I went in and the dishes were piled up and the laundry included about six loads.

I would say it's been beneficial in having a good relationship with a lovely Christian woman and being able to share some of my pictures and music with her. She enjoys being entertained.

She asks for very little and probably would like to get out of the house once in a while. Her daughter teaches at a Christian Elementary school and her son-in-law is a cook at a Christian camp. 

I do wish I could work at a desk but for now I'm thankful to the Lord for the work I do have. I'm so used to shuffling papers, typing and sorting and organizing files. You could say I'm so organized that when I do the laundry I make sure the shirts and pants are sorted for each person in the house.


Wicked Women Harvest Show 1

Monday, August 10, 2015


It's been very difficult to find work in Payson. I'm thinking it's because of my age. I may be past retirement but I can and want to work. I'm experienced in office work, management and have done tutoring, substituting in the schools, worked in a law office for three years and a collector for various businesses for 8 years.

I had two interviews recently, one at Payson High School and the other at Head Start. The interviews went well, I thought but maybe they are looking for someone younger. I can't help but think there just isn't a job here for me. 

I'll go to the DES office if it would help but they don't have any jobs for me either. I could talk to someone even if it would help me not give up. 

I wrote a letter to the Payson Roundup editor about how hard it was finding a job and two days later I was called for interviews. Was it the letter to the editor? I wonder.

Over this past year, I've applied online to various job sites and websites. What do I have to do to get a job? I tried the schools, turned down, applied at the hospital, turned down, applied at the County, turned down and all I can do is just keep applying hoping something will come up. 


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We went fishing and camping a few days at Knoll Lake north of Payson, Arizona. We only caught two small trout but the scenery was great. We came back home by way of the Colonel Crook or Rim Road 300. It's high atop the Mogollon Rim. We saw some beautiful views.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Letter to the Editor-1988

September 22, 1988  Letter to the Editor

It has been my undoing or my chagrin to have worked for a law firm that doesn't know when they have someone good to work with them. Truth, justice and the American Way is no longer exemplified by the legal body. The firm, I won't mention, due to the fact that not everyone in the barrel is rotten, has denied my most unalienable right, to grow, to flex my muscle so to speak, to be trained and to move upward, not downward.  But as it goes those in high office do tend to compromise.
The case in point is the neglect and feeding of secretaries, staff and help, not just in this particular law firm but other businesses as well. People seem to forget that there is a world out there. A world depending on our expertise and wisdom, knowledge in various areas to help the destitute, the floundering, the poor managers, the oppressed, the defrauded, and the denied of society.
Is it right for fledgling in house secretaries and staff to be put on a leash, sometimes too tight, and made to sit undaunted, unthinking, unemotional, as if by remote control to stare at four walls, fill in the blanks, go at thy bosses bidding and suffer distress, duress, pain, emotional stagnation as well as spiritual death? It is my belief that if you don't like it do something about it. But what can I do? I used to be a people person. I was hired for that. Someone who could get along with practically everyone, have a sweet demeanor and carry on through the day consistent in duty and behavior. But knowing I also am a Christian does carry with it a stigma to those who compromise and to those who do not love truth and would rather shut me up.
This was accomplished by a drastic move that has effected my emotions, my mind, my physical and spiritual being. I represent to them uncompromising strength that they cannot bear. To fire me because they don't like what I believe or stand for would cause, for the law firm, some embarrassment. To move me where no one can hear, sounded like the solution for many attorneys.
My work was fine, so they say, but my ideals, my faith, my uncompromising stand for the truth at all cost rubbed some people wrong. What did they go to law school for? To see how they could break the law? To see how much they could squeeze out of their clients? What happened to our legal profession? What happened to upholding the truth, honesty, integrity and justice? So many attorneys fall for the buck, compromise on issues they once would never have thought twice on. They have denied the truth, passed it off as bad or not reasonable or not benefitting the situation.
I was always told, honesty is the best policy. Well, half if not three-fourths of the clients nowadays want the attorneys to fit into their thinking good or bad and support them in their unwise, unfair decisions. If they can't find a lawyer to support their cause then they'll find an attorney that will take their money.
So many good attorneys have fallen by the wayside or become weak because they have succumbed that one time in their life. It is because of their first fall that it became easier to fall the second and third and so on.
Not only attorneys are effected by a distastefully dishonest public but administrators of legal firms also. In order to be a good administrator there needs to be a concern for everyone in the firm, not just the ones they like. In order for the firm to function well, there needs to be team work and a desire to see people grow, no matter if they've been there six months, six year or sixteen. The staff and secretaries want to feel they are important and not just once or twice a year. There isn't enough of those rare "thank you", "may I", and "please".
It is a sad thing to work where there are too many cliques, too many selfish, greedy people that won't share their workload because of pride and mock and deride you for living for what is right, and who could care less if you have the desire to work, to learn, to be trained.
I have been referred to as an enigma of sorts. Because of my love for God and His Word and statutes there will surely come those who won't understand His ways.
Signed Anonomous

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decorating for a Reception

Recently, my son asked my husband if he could help out with some smoked meat for a reception coming up. We both agreed it would be a good thing to help since he and his wife were putting it together with little help.

Terry bought the wood chips and both of us bought plenty of chicken and we took his smoker, propane and ice box and headed to the valley.  Terry is from Texas and his expert smoked meat and beans and bacon were just a few of the potluck dishes to be presented.

We reserved an inexpensive room not far from him and set out to help on a Friday. My son took me to the Home Depot where I surveyed the flowers and figured the color scheme out with the bride's colors. Then back to his place to start planting pots and decorating the stage that he and a house guest put together. 

The pots were of various sizes and colors so with another bolt of fabric, my daughter-in-law and I glue gunned the fabric onto the pots. The fabric looked like brocade with leaves and roses, very pretty. It took all of 12 hours to do the planting and setting up other pots all over the yard, putting table cloths down, runners, and  battery powered candles.  The wedding and reception went well even with the fire works. I'm sure the neighbors put up with the noise of two bands.    


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Worship Leader Relocated

It's been a year since I left the church in Gallup. I spent hours in preparation each week for worship. As a leader, I felt it was time to leave as my husband didn't like the town. I had to wait for the Lord to give me the OK and a peace before we continued looking for a new home.

The first thing we did was look for work and also a place to worship. I didn't know that it would be so difficult to leave what I loved doing, that is the teaching, the playing keyboard, singing and encouraging others in the congregation to love the Lord with all their heart. I have this fire in me that wants to do more than I am.

I find it difficult and painful to be out of the loop, so to speak, when the church we attend doesn't function like a church but a Bible study and brings a few songs to sing. I'll continue to pray about this and the emptiness I feel when I can't share the music that the Lord has given me. The music is part of who I am.

I read an article recently from another worshipper who sees the problems of our society with the cell phones, innumerable devices that people are mesmerized by. In the article it fairly describes the way people are so immersed in wanting to be included in some social media. The danger is that the Lord is on the back burner. People say there's no time to study the Word, that other things like work, the kids, the rush, rush of daily life consumes them, or they only turn on the TV instead of turning on to the Lord.

People are still looking to be included somewhere and if they can't find friends on the social media or work or everyday encounters, then how? I can't seem to find anyone really interested in what has been a priority in my life, that of worship. I live in a small, sometime small minded, town. I can't find work because people have to get referrals from friends or family.

I'll be spending my leisure time, since I'm not working, on reading the Bible, taking time for those praise and worship lessons. The Lord had me studying and preparing to share and teach about worship but that was only one time. He has given me so much music and so much of a burden that I'll take the time I have and not waste another minute ion self.

It's all right to do introspection but the Lord wants more than anything to think of others and to help others and to be there for others that are hurting or need comfort or need a friend. So today, I pray for the Lord to lead, for the Spirit to guide and to fill me again with His promises so that I can give Him praise and adoration and thanks for all He does now and tomorrow.

A Christmas Poem -written 1970

The following is a poem I wrote several months after my eldest son was born and was included in a Christmas letter I stumbled on recently.

"This Christmas brings our hearts and minds
To God's greatest gift, the person of Jesus.
It is He who imparts His love as we find,
Not the babe in the manger but the man Jesus.
His gift to us was himself when He died
On that cross, oh the love of our Jesus.

What joy we share as our hope is found
Not in the baby lying so sweetly but in Jesus,
Who shares our joys and our ups and downs.
It is He we worship each Christmas. It's Jesus.
We're so thankful for His great love profound
Someday soon the world will bow down to Jesus.

This Christmas let us sing praises to our King
and not be all tangled in the world's riches.
This Christmas let us remember Him and bring
Gifts of the spirit that cross the bridges
between ourselves and men in the world's ring.
Let's meet Him this Christmas and His riches.

So this Christmas look for Jesus our Lord,
the man who never changes yet always delights
in reaching the lonely, depressed and bored.
Men and women who can't resist or give fight
to His tremendous love for them. They'll open the door
thus allowing Him to reveal the real Christmas light."

Copyright, 1970, Little Impressions, Kathryn Tyler Yazzie

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Payson's Huge Snowfall -2015

We prepared for a snow but not as much as that which fell New Year's Eve and New Years. My husband and I traveled to the town park Green Valley. It was packed with Phoenix valley people and their families, sliding and throwing snowballs. They were there because of the 8 to 12 inches of snow. It was like Christmas at the Walmart because of the crowds. The cashiers there weren't used to the crowds.

We took videos and pictures of this rare occasion. Last year, in fact, we hardly saw any snow. At Christmas we had a sprinkling, I call powdered sugar snow.  This year the snow was powder but eventually thawed and froze overnight making travel dangerous.

My son and daughter-in-law had to come up too and enjoy what they don't see in Phoenix.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Highlights of the year in Payson.

This year just flew by. Two jobs under my belt and out of work again. Had a good holiday Christmas and praying this next year I will not only be older but wiser and have a job too. Terry has been doing handyman projects working with a realty company where we live and has been able to supplement our income. He painted inside our new home covering all the flower prints throughout the house. Before Christmas, he painted most of the front of the house. It looks amazing with white trim.
The first job I had was at an apartment complex where I was being trained for a Community Assistant and work toward being the manager. My boss worked in Phoenix but because of the distance, my applications had to go through her. She said I just wasn't getting it. That wasn't true. I had almost all the apartments rented. I think she had a problem with me and it wasn't the work I did. I was given two verbal warnings, something that hadn't happened to me in all the years working. I'm 68 and she was in her thirties. Anyway, I was forced to resign or be fired. I never have been fired from any job.
The next job was at a Christian Day Care. There, I had to follow several guidelines, from the state, federal and DES. That wasn't a problem so much as the stress of caring for 1 year olds to 12 and making sure that when the bosses peeked through the curtains, I was changing the babies right, feeding them the exact quantities of food and drink and teaching them what they wanted. Then my husband's sister was having medical issues and I had to leave because he wanted to visit her and didn't know for how long. I left that job.
Now, I'm home and still working the Avon business. ( and this year I made cookies, 6 different kinds and handed out cookie plates. The first part of December, Terry went to Texas to be part of his son's wedding.

Throughout the year, Terry and I did a lot of fishing and just two days ago, we caught several fat trout.
This picture shows some of the 11 to 13 inch trout. We fished the East Verde River but found it covered by ice. There were a few openings but nothing. 
Then, we decided to try East Verde Estates but still nothing.
Finally, we went to Green Valley Park and the temperature was warmer and started pulling out several trout. Wow, we were surprised. The temperature was in the 50's.
Easter, I missed not playing in the Program at Joshua Generation, one of the best programs in the area. It involved costumes of the period, the Ministry of Jesus, The Garden scene and crucifixion where the pastor portrayed Jesus on the cross. The program was usually done for three days. This year I don't know what they did.
The family in Phoenix are doing ok but my youngest son broke his foot and has been in a boot for two weeks already. The surgeon thought his foot would heal without surgery. He has to see him this week and hates the "boot". He still is able to get to work with his crutches and ride the bus. He's fortunate to catch the bus just outside the apartment complex. My oldest son received some grants to do more documentaries. The other son works as a project manager for two properties and their wives work and have their hands full with our grandchildren.
Terry and I attend a small Pentecostal church north of Payson. The pastor is cool and for Christmas put on a puppet show where he played a bird doing a Christian song...


Sunday, August 03, 2014

My Trip to San Antonio

5/7/09 to 5/11/09 Trip to San Antonio
I left work on Wednesday and traveled to Phoenix. There I would take a flight out around noon the next day. I spent some time with my son Matt and wife Lesli that night. As soon as I entered his house, Lesli was wondering what to make for dinner. Matt was taking a nap after working hard on a 33,000 sq foot house, tapping and plastering. Lesli doesn’t cook and wanted to fix something for Matt.

I suggested chicken tacos. She had all kinds of leftovers and together we had a great combination. Chicken, onions, pineapple chunks, chili powder, grill seasoning; a few cloves of garlic all cooked together then put on corn tortillas with cheese and lettuce. Wow, they tasted great. Lesli has to eat gluten free food and I told her to write the ingredients down for another time

I slept at Steven’s house and got up and made it to the airport on time. Of course there was the other car that was impounded by Phoenix police cause Daniel had it parked in the wrong place. That took some time. Steven was feeling anxious and I kept telling him it was all right that we would make it on time.

The plane was on time and I spoke with Terry about meeting at the airport and suggested he put a bright color of something on his antenna. His Bronco is black and I thought it would be hard to see him with all the other black vehicles around. When I got off the plane I followed the people to a place where shuttles and taxi’s were and a nice lady I talked with said I was in the wrong place and that I needed to go further up.

Terry met me with a piece of florescent yellow micro fiber dangling on his antenna. He grabbed my suitcase and we headed for the store to shop. He wanted to wait until I got there before we decided on the meals we’d cook. His house is about 20 miles out of San Antonio, beautiful green pastures, rolling hills, cactus, Prickly Pear, grape vines, Oak, Mesquite and Catalpa trees all around. He showed me his house with few furnishings but very clean. His dog Kimber who is pregnant met us and was looking for food.

He told me that while he was marinating the brisket the day before, he had accidentally put a hole in the aluminum pan he had the brisket. He had wrapped the brisket in plastic and the marinade sauce spilled all over. He was so upset about it. He planned on cooking it the next day and it would be in the smoker all day.

Friday, I woke up and he was already out basting the brisket with his own special sauce. He used a clean rag to wipe the sauce on it and would be tending it all day long. He loves to cook. His brother Jr (Jesse) would be coming over for dinner. Terry had made some cole slaw with apples and pineapple and had a pot of beans cooking when I got up. He cooked up a storm while I was there. But I did help him by washing the dishes.

Sometime Friday morning he had looked at his truck and the tire was flat. He said he had bought new tires three months back. So he plugged his air compressor in and pumped it up to see how long it would take. No sooner had he put the air in when it went flat again. I told him I thought it was a puncture, like a nail or something. When he went to turn the truck on the horn went on. Why? He had used too much of the battery to run the compressor. So then he had to juice up the battery. Finally, he put the spare on and we went into town to get the tire fixed.

The tire guy said the tire had been punctured on the side and had to put a plug in and couldn’t patch it. So we, with pins and needles, went slowly for a while to see if the plug would hold. We had spent the entire day getting the tire fixed and cooking the brisket. I suggested that we just have dinner and rest. His brother Jr lives behind Terry in their dad’s house. He’s a carpenter by trade but he doesn’t seem interested in fixing up the house or the trailer that was his sitting out in the field.

The dinner was great. I had never tasted Texas barbeque like that. Terry thought the brisket could have been better and thought the heat may have been too hot. He used scraps of Mesquite to burn in the smoker box and there’s a thermometer on the other end where the racks are to put the meet. He covered it allowing the smoke from the Mesquite to permeate the meat. I had never seen it done and I was really interesting. The barbeques in Texas are made specially for smoking meats When I went to a popular store HEB there were barbeques lined up outside and on the grills were stars representing Texas.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to his son’s place where they were having a birthday party for his girlfriend’s son Damien. It took about an hour and ½ to get there and the we got lost a little even with Terry’s GPS unit. I kept saying that the lady in the box is not always right. When we got there the place was filled with kids around 7 or 8 and they had one of those circus air jumpers and two small swimming pools and a piƱata for later. There were several adults there too.

I met Terry’s first wife Brenda who came with her boyfriend. She was cordial but pretty interested in what she and John had been doing. I sat there listening. Brenda is a beautiful lady, blond hair and dressed casually for the party. Terry had said when she started working for people with money that she changed. She tried to act the part and was only interested in men if they were wealthy. Terry didn’t want any part of her approach to life and their relationship dissolved.

I also met Terry’s son Chris. He is a tall handsome man with light brownish blond hair. At the party he wore a cowboy hat and was helping with the party so I didn’t have much of a chance to talk with him. He made sure all the kids were having a good time. He is very likeable.

Sunday we spent some time touring the area. He showed me houses where he used to live, several missions that were established along the San Antonio River. We stopped long enough to watch a movie done by the National Parks that explained how about six or seven tribes had disappeared from the area. Most of them died from disease brought to them by the Europeans. Others died from working long hours in the sun to build the missions.

Monday morning around 4 am I woke to get ready for my flight. Terry packed his lunch for work later on and we headed toward the airport. This time he pulled in front, got my one bag out and gave me a big kiss goodbye.

Throughout that time that I was there, we talked about when he would move here. He figures after his grandchild is born he should be able to pack up in a couple of weeks. He showed me one item in the kitchen that I didn’t have, a fryer. I hardly fry food but it would be good for fried fish. We are excited to be together and it is hard that we have to communicate long distance. We are ready for a new adventure. He knows that our meeting wasn’t just coincidence.

He is anxious to move too. He’s not happy there and feels he has stayed longer than he wanted. Coming to New Mexico will help him in other ways. It’s drier here and the appliance that he wears for his ileostomy won’t slide off as easily. He sweats easily where he lives and the humidity causes his bag to lose adhesion and has to be changed often. With two hospitals here, getting supplies shouldn’t be that difficult.

Pentecostalism As Viewed by a Christian

I married a man who came from an Ash Arbor Pentecostal background. It has been difficult at times because of his beliefs. I have been a Christian for over 50 years now and the Holy Spirit came into my life in 1966. Because of my involvements with various denominations, I have been taught by the Holy Spirit and have been careful what I hear and what is taught to me. I base what I hear upon the Word of God. If we are not careful, it is easy to be deceived.

My background came from several denominations so the Lord allowed me to see all of them in different lights. I was raised in a Lutheran church, then Methodist, then a combination when our family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona called Federated. In college I was exposed to Baptists, conservative, belonged to a youth group, Presbyterian, near the college in Tucson. When married, I attended a Baptist church, then Melodyland then Calvary Chapel. When in New Mexico, a Baptist church. In Page, Arizona a full gospel church, nondenominational. In Phoenix, a spirit-filled non-denominational church, then Word of Grace. Once in Holbrook, attended Four Square Church. The list goes on and you can see that I had a wide variety of church background but my faith only got stronger, my knowledge and understanding grew right along with it. My spiritual growth became dynamic when I was filled with the Holy Spirit which didn't come by laying on of hands but by faith.

I have taken the stand to support my husband in where he wants to go to church and deny really what I wanted. When we moved to Payson, Arizona, I found a good Christian, Holy Spirit led church at Calvary Chapel. I even felt the Spirit, tears running down and freedom in the Spirit. I know there are tons of churches here but I felt very comfortable there. I was hoping to continue there and get involved with the music but alas, my husband had different ideas.

I love being with people and the place we go to worship is fine as my faith is not changed in any respect but the fellowship is wanting. There is a Bible Study and leaving out areas that I have difficulty with, having my belief system in place, it goes well. Then Sunday sometime I can share music but it's not like before at Joshua Generation where I was the worship leader, teacher and admonish-er.  I feel strapped to not grow and not find the place where the Lord wants me.

Some Pentecostals would say I am in rebellion and should do as my husband says. Well, I did tell him I would go where he felt comfortable even if that meant I wasn't. That won't keep me from having fellowship with other Christian women and perhaps doing music with others.  So, for now I am not in a position to make a change on my own because both my husband and I are out of work. It does give me the opportunity to get into the Word of God and do more study.

I love the Word of God and it is what has directed me through the years. The Lord says to trust Him and He would lead me to listen to my heart. Well, you might say, "the heart is wicked" but not if it is converted and open to the Lord. I believe that. I believe He is a good God and the Lord laid out the church in the beginning and some may have tried to make it utopia but their utopia was a human endeavor. The Word of God tells how we should worship and what we should believe and not be turned one way or another and not be deceived.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My son Steven graduated from ASU with honors

This is a smilebox presentation that includes pictures of my son Steven who received the "Outstanding Graduate Award" from faculty and students from the Herberger Institute for Design
and the Arts.

We were blown away of such an honor. We are praising the Lord.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

We're Not There Yet

Most of my life was spent raising four sons. Then when my former husband died of cancer, I continued working and leading worship at a church in New Mexico. My sons asked what I would do after their dad died and I said I would continue doing what I've been doing.

After six years, I needed to find someone to share my life with. I asked a friend online where I could go. She said to try Match doctor online. So after submitting my information, I had several men interested that messaged me. Finally, a man from Texas who almost erased my emails started seriously writing me. He wrote long letters asking questions about my life and my beliefs which led him to visit me. It was a good visit and we found a great deal of similar interests.

We were married only eight months later. We immediately went to work at a mobile home community but that didn't last long. Soon we were looking for another place to live and hopefully work. We went to Page, Arizona where I used to live but the homes were too expensive. We loved the lake and went fishing there several times. Last summer, we both caught stripers.

A friend suggested we try another town that offered hunting and fishing in the area so off we went looking for a home. We found it. We've only been here for three weeks but I'm closer to my sons and grandkids which for me is exciting. We may go to my grandson's birthday this weekend and I've missed his other parties.

We aren't retired yet. So far, I've submitted my resumes' and applied online but no bites. It may take some time to find work here, so the locals tell me. In the meantime, I've visited several thrift shops, antique stores and tried to meet women who would like Avon which I've been selling as long as I managed the mobile home park.

I can't wait until we find a church here too. I miss the involvement with worship. The last church I attended, I led worship for over 8 years. The people there honored me with a farewell dinner, cards and good wishes. I am trying to get a newsletter out to relatives and the friends we left behind.  

Sunday, we visited a church and I found myself tearing up because I felt the Spirit of God moving in the place and my heart ached to play keyboard again and sing my heart out to the Lord. My husband doesn't understand this about me. I have to let him lead and so far we've visited two churches. There are 39 churches but he's interested in finding one that doesn't conflict with his background, his teachings as a Pentacostal believer.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Boy is it Quiet!!

We were so used to noise living in Gallup with planes and small jets overhead, trains passing by not too far from the house and people with their boom box speakers loudly serenading us.

In our new house, we can hear the crickets walk over the porch and it is going to take some getting used to. Now really, it is easy. Although we haven't found work, our day seems full with unpacking boxes, and fixing things up and trying to find places to put stuff. It will all work out though.

We still need furniture and recently purchased one of those stackable washer and dryer but after a week, it's screaming at us. Now we have to take it back and hopefully they'll find the problem. It was difficult to take out of the back of the truck but when we take it back tomorrow, we'll have it on the trailer. Poor Terry. He was going all over the place trying to get it registered.

One thing for sure, we both have our new licenses to drive and vehicles registered and took care of our voter's registration at the same time.

The boys all live in Phoenix and will probably being visiting us more often now that we are closer. One of my sons wants to come up and do some hiking with his wife and kids. Sounds fun and looking forward to the fun.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Home is Where the Heart Is

What does that mean when home is where the heart is? To me, it means wherever my husband feels the Lord is leading him. I will follow him and know that the Lord is with us and that He has plans for our lives. It's not the place to just go hunting and fishing but it will be the place where both of us will grow as a couple and grow in what God has called us to do. 
He asked me a couple of years ago where I would like to live and I said Page, Arizona. There I had friends and a church that I could get back to. But for my husband, that was too far and he felt logically we should be closer to my sons and grandkids even though he has a son and grandchild still in Texas. I have been so far from my sons and wives and haven't been able to really be a part of their lives.
So, while talking with a friend, he suggested we go to Payson also in Arizona and check it out. Terry wants to be in a place where he can go hunting. Check. Also where we could go fishing. Well, the whole area around Payson is full of lakes and rivers. We visited a church there one weekend and liked the pastor of a United Pentecostal Church. There are over 39 churches there too.
Anyway, we found a house we both liked and knew that this is going to be our permanent residence. It was built in 1987 and although it's a doublewide mobile home, it doesn't look it.

We should be moved in either at the end of December or first part of January. I wanted to tell the boss that we were moving but Terry thought if we told them too soon we wouldn't be ready. We have spent this last month just packing. His thinking is that the company, being a corporation, may want us to leave our position as managers so they can get some other people in right away.
We live in a house provided by the company and haven't had to pay for our rent or utilities. People would say, why leave? That's a great position to be in.  Well, Terry hasn't been going to church with me since we were married over 4 years ago because it just didn't agree with his religious background, with preconceived ideas.
It's been difficult though, ministering in music at my church and not have him there to support me prayerfully. I accepted his decision to leave as I had felt I wasn't growing spiritually and not teaching kids, one of the areas I haven't been free to do.
My husband doesn't like clutter and has had a hard time dealing with the boxes piles all around. I remind him that it is only temporary. We still have to buy a bed and dressers. We don't even have that yet. We also have to buy a washer and dryer, perhaps a unified set with the dryer on top of the washer. We may not have a lot of furniture but the books, music and art takes up a lot of room
I'm anticipating this move and will be looking for work in Payson, clerical or administrative. My husband will be looking for work either in field service type work or appraisal jobs. He just can't take the physical work that was required as a manager of the mobile home park.

Twas the Night Before the Last Christmas

Friday, November 08, 2013

You have what it takes to sell Avon

You have what it takes to sell Avon: It's more than selling beauty. It's earning money by simply making connection and letting your personality shine. Learn more today.

If you didn't know by now on other social medias, I have sold Avon for four years now. I love the products, use them and share them with family and friends.

I wouldn't be without all the beauty products that for over 126 years Avon has been famous for.